Diggory The Beholder (and a mini me!) Diggory means the “lost one“

Diggory The Beholder (and a mini me!) Diggory means the “lost one“


'We are a great place to shop for Table Top Games, Board Game of all types, RPG, Dice, Playing Cards, Children's Games, Party Games, Family Games, Classic Games, Warhammer, MTG, D&D, Pokemon, & the latest new Games.

The Lost Dice is a tabletop game café. We’re not a café in the regular sense, sure we’ll make you a fantastic coffee and serve up some tasty food from The Artisan Cafe, but what we’re really all about is sharing the love of tabletop games. You can come from morning to 6pm and late on Thursday and play as many games as you want from our growing game library. Our food and drink menu is there to keep you refreshed whilst you play!

No problem if you want to buy a game we have many to choose from and if you cannot find the game you are looking for, we will do all we can to get it in for you.

From 10am to 5.45pm there is no charge to pay a game. Last games start at 5pm.

Thursday we are open until 10pm to book a table call 04 25 420 784. There will be a $5 cover charge from 4pm onwards. 

On Fridays (6pm start) we play Dungeons & Dragons with our friends from the “Dungeons & Dragons Adventures League” Bookings are essential. Click the link register then book onto one of the tables.